How do Bail Bonds work?

OK – we explained how bail works. But most people cannot afford it. So here we answer the question, “How do Bail Bonds work?” Because bail bonds make it affordable for most people to get out of jail.

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First of all I define a bail bond as a security note or “bond” designed to financially guarantee the return of the inmate to court each and every court date. If the inmate, once released known as defendant, fails to return to court in the allotted amount of time, … [usually] 6 months to no more than one year, than the face value of the bail bond is now ordered to paid to the court.

The cost of the bond does vary from state to state, in California the usual premium (cost) is a maximum of 10% of the total bail amount, but one may qualify for 8% under some circumstances.

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If thing are done correctly, than there usually is a cosigner who

how do bail bonds work in richmond va

Let’s face it, nobody wants to stay in jail one minute longer than absolutely required.

contractually agrees to pay for the face value of the bail bond itself and any additional fees, (court, fugitive recovery, etc.) in

the event the defendant (now known as fugitive) fails to appear and can not be returned to court in the legal amount of time.

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In Virginia, the law mandates 10% to no more than 15% of the bail amount.

So for example, if bail is set at $10,000, the fee most likely be $1000 (our company almost never charges more than 10%). It is very typical for a bail bondsman to charge a small administration fee also – between $25 to $75.

But let’s face it, nobody wants to stay in jail one minute longer than absolutely required.

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